Sit-down interview with Florida Congressman Ted Yoho, Part 2

Wed Sep 11 21:15:55 PDT 2019

Sit-down interview with Florida Congressman Ted Yoho, Part 2

Florida Congressman Ted Yoho stopped by TV20 Studios to talk everything from Hurricane Dorian relief efforts to addressing the rumor that he may be running again. In part two of his interview, Yoho discusses the agriculture industry and his thoughts on the VISA program for foreign farm workers.

Court: Florida can't bar felons from voting over fines, fees

A three-judge panel from the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a Tallahassee Federal Judge's decision Tuesday, that said that the law implementing amendment 4 amounted to an unfair poll tax.

Farm Fact: Food Check-Out Week

A local agricultural group is introducing people to the farmers who work to make their food.

Internet and phone lines down after work crew damage in Bradford County

A work crew damaged about 500 feet of fiber optic cable along County Road 225 near Lawtey, Sheriff's deputies said.

Solar company tries to scam GRU customers

GRU is warning customers about a solar company trying to scam people.

Lost child, family dog found by concerned neighbor in Suwannee County

An alert neighbor is being credited with helping deputies to find a missing child in Suwannee County.


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