Sat Oct 19 08:56:54 PDT 2019

11:00 AM Nestor Update

A longtime Ocala City Council member will not run for re-election

Ocala City Council member Mary Sue Rich has decided to retire.

Fallen Firefighter Memorial honors lives lost in the line of duty, 6pm

Firefighters and their families from across the state gathered in Marion County Friday morning to honor colleagues who died in the line of duty.

Florida Lottery Contributes $36 Billion to education.

The Florida lottery has hit a major milestone in its mission to benefit education.

More fall-out from the impending state audit of the city of Gainesville.

There is a possible internal investigation within the Department of Justice over funds issued to the city of Gainesville for an organization that may not have been real.

One man dead and child hospitalized in three vehicle crash in Ocala

One man is dead and a child is in the Hospital after a three vehicle crash in Ocala this Morning.