Wed Jun 13 10:01:10 PDT 2018

Tech Tuesday: Brammer Bio

Learn about the Alachua Company and how it's breaking into the Gene Therapy industry.

Medical Professionals are getting help in the fight against COVID-19.

The program started Today and is voluntary. Inmates are sewing protective masks made of a material rated to block 99% of germs. Sheriff Billy Woods said he is impressed by the inmates helping others.

UF professor discusses how to fight boredom while stuck at home

While being stuck at home may be a challenge, it's important to respond to that boredom in a positive way, like starting a new hobby, and not to fall into bad habits that may temporarily relieve the boredom.

Operation: Thank You, NCFL

We want to create a space where children can send their positive thoughts and thank you's to healthcare workers around North Central Florida.

City of Newberry offering free food-delivery service during stay-at-home order

"Newberry Eats" is a free food-delivery service being offered by the Newberry Parks and Recreation Department. While anybody is able to take advantage of the offer, the service is aimed at the elderly and those who may be at a higher risk for infection or are unable to leave the house.

Alachua County teachers go above and beyond to show their support

Making signs, videos, and passing out work packets, teachers in Alachua County show their students they care.


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