Creative take on a classic summer treat

Thu May 16 18:24:24 PDT 2019

Creative take on a classic summer treat

Hogtown Homegrown shares a few recipes inspired by watermelons.

Marion County Fire Rescue creates three new "COVID-19 response rescues"

The "COVID-19 response rescues" will have firefighters and paramedics outfitted with personal protective equipment.

Gov. DeSantis lifts restrictions on former first-responders returning to service

Governor Ron DeSantis is calling on retired first-responders to help in the fight against COVID-19; in an executive order the governor signed on Monday, restrictions on retired first-responders returning to service were lifted.

Lake City Native, now NFL Star helps with COVID-19 relief

Houston Texan Laremy Tunsil says he'll donate $250,000 to COVID-19 relief.

Man in Hawthorne arrested after attacking dad with pizza

Deputies arrested a man in Hawthorne after they say he attacked his father with a pizza then ordered his dog to attack responding officials.


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