Season Preps: Trinity Catholic Volleyball

Wed Aug 14 20:47:13 PDT 2019

Season Preps: Trinity Catholic Volleyball

HS Volleyball

Marion County Pets: Princess, Queen, & Felix

Let's take a look at some adorable, adoptable animals from MarionCcounty looking for their new loving homes.

More than 50 people protest Ginnie Springs bottling efforts on Santa Fe River

More than 50 people paddled and held signs for "kayaktivism" to oppose the state of Florida from issuing a renewal permit to the local water producer Seven Springs Water Company.

National report names Ocala as city with 'harmful policies' toward the homeless

A national report names Ocala as a city with "harmful policies" against homeless people.

Two LCSO employees arrested on charges of child abuse and neglect

One Levy County Sheriff's office employee and a former LCSO employee were arrested Tuesday after they were accused of child abuse.


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