Families from Bahamas find refuge in NCFL

Wed Sep 11 15:10:32 PDT 2019

Families from Bahamas find refuge in NCFL

For many people in the Bahamas, they have lost everything due to Hurricane Dorian's devastating power, but thanks to the generosity of a select few living in Ocala, these displaced families have a home in North Central Florida.

Medical Minute: Strokes

For this week's "Medical Minute" sponsored by North Florida Regional Medical Center, TV20's Dylan Lyons takes us to meet a Neurologist who helps treat strokes.

"What's Up?" with K-Country 2/21/2020

TV20's Haley Wade and Mike Potter check in with our friends at K-Country to talk about pickup trucks and what safety looked like when they were kids.

Ocala residents receive fake 'community water test'

A city in North Central Florida is warning residents to ignore a notice at their door that may be a scam.

Two Alachua County students advance to international science fair in California

After winning top honors at a North Central Florida science fair, the student has qualified for an international fair.


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