DEVELOPING: Ocala man confesses to shooting death, officials say

Wed Nov 20 09:49:02 PST 2019

DEVELOPING: Ocala man confesses to shooting death, officials say

TV20's Julia Laude gives us the latest details on a deadly shooting in Ocala live and on scene.

College of Central Florida to drop three sports, 6pm

Men's and women's basketball and volleyball will be cut in order to save $600,000 annually as the school deals with low enrollment numbers, leaving CF with only baseball and softball.

Historic Dudley Farm harvests sugar cane for festival

In December, most people cut down Christmas trees but this one Alachua County farm is cutting down sugar canes.

Food Stamps ACPS

New Food Stamp Rule

The Health Department says be on alert for rabies in Marion County

The Health Department is warning people to be on alert after a raccoon tested positive for rabies.

Marion County man accused of hiring inmate to kill four people

A man in Marion County is charged with five counts of solicitation for murder after he asked an inmate at to kill four people in a written statement.

A dispute between sheriff and Alachua County may go to the state supreme court

The county filed a notice with the court over the sheriff moving money within her budget without consulting the county.