Former Joe Biden Campaign Aide admits to stealing money

Thu Feb 13 20:48:33 PST 2020

Former Joe Biden Campaign Aide admits to stealing money

A former Joe Biden campaign aide who lives in Ocala admitted to stealing money from the campaign 20 years ago.

Lost Dog

Lost dog in Alachua

Nearly 140 animals rescued from Dixie County home

The Dixie County Sheriff's Office, with help from the Humane Society of the United States, rescued nearly 140 animals from a home in Old Town.

Events teach students how to have a safe spring break

Santa Fe College's Police Department is trying to make sure students are safe off campus during spring break.

Marion County animal clinic offers free services for World Spay Day, 5pm

In partnership with the Humane Society of Marion County, TLC PetSnip is working to spay and neuter as many feral dogs and cats as they can. So far this month they've fixed almost 400 animals.

Black History Month: Santa Fe College President Dr. Paul Broadie II

To wrap up TV20's celebration of Black History Month, we sat down with Dr. Paul Broadie II, President of Santa Fe College.


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