Uber driver charged with aggravated assault and battery

Sat May 09 15:38:30 PDT 2020

Uber driver charged with aggravated assault and battery

An Uber driver's road rage has landed him behind bars.

Cross City protestors march despite rainy conditions

It rained all day but that didn't stop protestors who say people should expect to see marches like these until the change they are demanding becomes a reality.

nion County protest cancelled

Residents were scheduled to participate in the "Kneel at the Park" event.

Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office searching for missing woman

Bambi McGaha was last seen in North Gilchrist county on June 6.

Gainesville Police searching for shooter

A man was shot on the morning of June 6.

More than 200 protesters march through rainy streets in Williston

A strong call to end racism ended with some fun as more than 200 people marched through the streets of Williston Saturday morning.

Dixie County seniors awarded scholarships

Graduating seniors from one NCFL High School received a generous donation from their neighbors this weekend.