Deadly dog attack caught on video

ALACHUA, Fla. (WCJB) -- A vicious dog attack near Alachua was caught on camera this weekend.
TV20 met with the man who shot the video, and Alachua County's Animal Services Director, to find out what happened and what will happen next.

On Sunday a woman in a motorized wheelchair was walking her daughter's pug mix when a pit bull mix escaped its owner's house and then attacked the smaller dog, killing it.
Everyone watching should be warned the video is graphic and viewer discretion is advised.

The attack happened in a quiet neighborhood and although people nearby tried to stop it the pit bull mix refused to let go.
Alachua County's Director of Animal Services Ed Williams said, "on Sunday, unfortunately, a dog slipped out past its owner. They went out the back door reportedly to take out the trash, the dog slipped out and went around the house and attacked a small dog, pug mix that was being walked by the owner's mother."
Henry Rabell who witnessed the attack and took the disturbing video said "it was happening very fast people are trying to pull the dogs apart the owner of the pit bull was grabbing it by its leg, by its body she was doing everything she could do to pull it apart from this poor pug-beagle mix. But it just wasn't happening."

Rabell posted the unedited video to Facebook. He says he waited a day to do so but ultimately decided it was important to let people see firsthand what happens when owners of vicious dogs aren't responsible.
"I'm a new grandfather, my grandchild is now 15 months old and really I thought about him geez what if it was him in the front yard playing around crawling and this animal is loose and attacks. Which happened before obviously children getting mauled and what if it was my grandchild and I thought people need to see what these dogs are capable of."
Williams added, "my understanding is the owners moved here recently from Puerto Rico and brought the dog with them they said it had never done anything like this before so they were surprised when it slipped out and attacked the pug. They claimed no knowledge of previous attacks and of course it wasn't on our radar because it hadn't been here that long."

The Pit mix is currently quarantined at animal services after being surrendered by its owners.
Williams said, "It was too late unfortunately for the pug mix but the other dog was ultimately surrendered by the owner and will be held for the 10 day rabies quarantine period and then likely euthanized."

Alachua County Animal Services previously came under fire after a dog attack a few months ago wasn't responded too quickly enough. Rabell who witnessed the attack said police got there within minutes of being called and Animal Services arrived within twenty minutes. Williams says newly installed protocols mean an on-call animal control officer will respond to all emergency calls any day of the week.