100 million dollars of state funding will go towards the restoration of Florida Springs

Published: Jul. 15, 2019 at 6:28 PM EDT
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One hundred million dollars of the state budget will cover the restoration efforts for the Florida Springs, but environmentalists that we spoke to say politicians might be focusing on the wrong thing.

Michael Roth, of Our Santa Fe River Inc., says he can see how pollution is affecting Florida's springs on a daily basis.

"We'll pull hundreds if not thousands of pounds of garbage out of the river on a mission," said Roth.

While Roth is concerned about the way the money is going to be spent, State Representative Chuck Clemons says this new budget is only the beginning of a long road to restoration.

"My philosophy with the money that's been allocated is to plug the hole in the environmental bottom of our boat and to make sure the septic tank systems and the other things that are polluting in and around our Springs are done away with," said Clemons.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection's website lists that twenty-nine of the proposed projects in the upcoming year will focus on Springs in North Central Florida.

Michael Roth and other activists tell us they are concerned there isn't going to be enough money dedicated to preventing the pollution in the first place.

Roth says his organization's mission is to restore and educate.

You can find a detailed list of proposed Florida Springs projects here: